Monday, April 24, 2006

This could damage your credit standing

The MBNA-American Express partnership will likely be a great boost for American Express, but consumer watchdogs are hoping customers will reap something more than a Bongo University American Express card. Each bureau has developed their own name for their credit score as well. They'll threaten to press criminal charges. It's time to address your financial problems if you recognize some of these patterns in your own life. With American Express, we combine the membership privileges with the affinity nature of most MBNA products -- the Penn State American Express card or the American College of Surgeons Amex cards -- and put a rewards platform on top of that and it's a compelling product for many customers, Donahue says.

but there are many others. We’re talking about offers that have low-interest introductory periods. Similar to the system you use when you sign in for your e-mail. Since American Express built its brand and reputation on international acceptance, so travelers shouldn't have any issues with either an American Express charge or credit card.

If you transfer a balance to a new card, it should be a card you don't plan to use, she says. Before applying for any credit card, be sure to discuss your specific financial needs and situation with your financial advisor. Fortunately, you can cancel the card without penalty if you discover that you didn't get what you bargained for. During the first month that you use the Red American Express card, American Express will donate £5 to the Global Fund: an organisation that is helping children and women in Africa experiencing the affects of AIDS.What do you think of when you think of American Express? Do you think of a card only for the wealthy? Or maybe a credit card out of reach for the common person? Actually, American Express offers credit cards for just about everybody.

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