Monday, February 26, 2007

The Truth About Low Interest Credit Cards

Low interest credit cards are fantastic if you can get your custody on one. They offer great rates so it is easier to pay off your balance in a timely manner. These cards are perfect for those making large purchases on their credit cards, or even those that usage their card for mundane purchases. If you are researching low interest credit cards, see these factors during your search.

Credit Score

To measure up for low interest credit cards, you have got got to have great credit. There are respective scores that autumn in the “excellent credit” and in the “good credit” groupings in terms of the credit bureaus. If your credit score falls into either of these groups, you will most likely qualify. However, if your score makes not fall into these groups, you will most likely not be able to get any low interest credit cards. These cards are for the lowest hazard cardholders, which are those with nearly flawless credit score.

Common Rates

For those that make qualify, low interest credit cards offer great rates. The most common rates autumn between 9% and 15%. These cards are great when you need to do large purchases, because although your balance may be high, you will not be charged as much interest on it as a normal credit card would charge. The lower rate you can happen the better. So, be certain to shop around before committing to a card.

Introductory Offers

Low interest rate credit cards offer some of the best introductory offers out there. Many of the low interest rate credit cards offer over a twelvemonth with no APR. This is an astonishing chance for cardholders to charge without any fees attached. Card companies cognize that people who have these cards usually maintain paying off the balance, even without being charged APR, so it is still profitable for them to offer this plan.


Very rarely are there ever annual or registration fees on low interest credit cards. These are the top of the line credit cards. Therefore, to charge unneeded fees would discourage cardholders from applying. If you make run across a card that charges an annual or registration fee and you have got perfect credit, you need to look elsewhere for your card. Those with great credit should never pay these fees, for they are intended for high hazard cardholders with bad credit.

Low interest credit cards can be extremely helpful when it come ups to your credit card finances. The less amount of interest you have got to pay, the better off your finances are in the long run. Be certain to research your low interest credit card picks before applying. Some cards may give you the low interest rate for the first few calendar months and then raise it dramatically. As long as you are informed about your credit card, you can do wise decisions.

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A year ago I had a credit card with higher rates than I have today. My credit was good and I asked to lower my credit score. There was no answer. Then I chose the lowest APR credit cards and transfered my balance. Now I satisfy with my card and its rates in full.
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