Sunday, March 25, 2007

In Defense Of Jesus? "The Secret" And The True Followers Of Jesus

You may not know it, but the "The Secret" DVD, the on going buzz online is generating lots of controversy between those who cannot see the rational behind the principles espoused by "The Secret" and those who see it.

Wow, folks, the truth has never been told, it is with the Master-mind. But some of our assumptions may be truths, and even outright lies become truths without evidence. This is why it is quite difficult to accept a proven principle that can be used to turn a life around for the best.

Therefore "truths" flourish. The Christian truths, which are averse to the "The Secret's" truth, can be likened to the "truth" told by the three friends of Job while the truth in the "The Secret" is akin to the truth of Job himself in challenging God to prove him (Job) unworthy. Only those who claim their inheritance shall have it.

The biggest problem of mankind is self condemnation, self deceit and outright falsification of facts. If you condemn yourself, who can salvage you. Jesus? Give me a break!

"The Secret" teaches you to be positive, and you cannot condemn yourself while being positive; rather you can turn your life around with positive thinking and affirmative actions. What I do not understand is why such a simple principle is being tied to age old lies and ambiguous claims about a "beginning and end" we will never know about. What can be more fabulous than the religious beliefs of Christians, especially in one who does not know Christianity? He was born a Jew, lived and worshiped as a Jew, and died a Jew. True Jesus' followers should practice Judaism, period.

Daniel and Rich (some antagonist at my blog on "The Secret") speak in defense of Jesus, especially Daniel, who talks about Jesus' Godness, as if Jesus himself ever claimed to be God anywhere in the Bible. What he called himself all the time was the Son of Man. Of course, followers meekly and dubiously foist their leaders with larger than life attributes and images. As for whether Jesus, according to Rich, ever used the little phrase "within you" in Mathew:6, "The Kingdom of God is Within you" is a popular answer Jesus gave to a popular question.

That being said, note that the same principles the antagonists are criticizing in the "The Secret" are what Jesus used to get things done as he desired within the time and scope allotted him by the Source of life.

I am amused to read some statements credited to Jesus about the serpent as follows:

"Ever since the serpent has been the serpent, he's been whispering that in our ears. Jesus, in His Wisdom, confronted that convincingly:
"If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it. What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?" Mark 8:34-37."

Oh Rich, Serpent or Lucifer is just the personification of the negative thoughts of man, for Sunday school children. You should have shaded that by now.

It is the same principles "The Secret" espouses that the Church perverted and used to rule the world and still uses with ulterior motives; for why do you think that adults continue to think like children when it comes to religious myths? Listen, if you think positively about a lie and dwell on it continuously it becomes your truth.

The most absurd of all is for anyone to think that "The Secret" is meant to prevent their death; God or the Source of life graces and withdraws graceā€¦... as a rule to ensure the continuity of creation. Life and Death are divine purposes, "The Secret" is just a way to live life more abundantly, it does not prevent death.

It is true that man has arrogated to himself too much importance than he deserves in the scheme of things. Yet, like I said in an earlier article, man is a co-creator with God or the Source of life. That being so, man is empowered to create good or evil according to the choices he makes, and those choices he can only make from the jumble of thoughts that show up in his mind. No one creates his own thoughts, but everyone decides which thought or group of thoughts to action.

If what Daniel says is true that what happened to Jesus was what he wanted, then why was he apparently afraid and made every effort to have his tribulation averted? And why when his time came as he had said, did he lament having been forsaken by his father? Everyone of us will behave just as Jesus did, no one wants to die.

All said, I will always cancel my negative thoughts with positive ones and hope for the best - "The Secret". I will never give up till my time is up. Death is a necessary end, not the wages of sin. The Nazarenes believed what their minds bid them believe, so will anyone even today. That is "The Secret."

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