Saturday, March 24, 2007

Why All This? Why Not Nothing?

The classic question, and one that should be answered directly. Here is the answer: Because "nothing" is reality, and "all this" is existence. So it's not an either – or situation, both are true simultaneously.

Reality doesn't exist. If it did, it would be part of "all this." "All this," in contrast to Reality, changes constantly; there is nothing within existence that doesn't change. Change creates time, and without change, time doesn't exist. Existence therefore, is never Reality, and Reality doesn't exist, even though these two truths cohabitate. It's very simple.

The part of us that we cling to, our ego, is caught within existence. Because our ego is caught within existence, it changes constantly. The part of us that is not caught within existence; Reality, never changes. It is unborn, undying, uncreated - eternal.

What could this unborn, undying, uncreated thing be if it's not our ego? It couldn't be our bodies, because our bodies are within existence and obviously change second to second. So what part of us is eternal and outside of time? It would have to be something familiar, because we must be responsible for this thing, whatever it is. It can't be something laid upon us by some God – so there must be a connection between us and it.

This indicates that our destinies are in our hands and not in the hands of a higher power. We actually have free will which can apparently affect Reality, which is beyond time. This free will is a very powerful force, and one that is misunderstood by logical thought. But consider the consequences of the powerful force of free will when it adversely affects Reality.

Since Reality is pliable and conforms to the wishes of existence-prone entities driven by the desires of their free will, Reality will passively provide another existence if that free will cannot see past existence, or the framework of an existence in flux. If that free will, caught up in existence, cannot see the transience of existence, the angst of existence, and the false construction of an ego in existence, then Reality will gracefully provide another organic being for the tendencies of the old ego to morph into. Endlessly.

Then we will enjoy "all this" again and again. Never can we enjoy "nothing." And the tragedy is: this very thing, this "nothing," is the constancy that we have always hoped for. But how do we get to it?

Hmmm . . .

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