Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Be a Hero

What does it take to become a hero? There are heroes in all fields of endeavour, people who go beyond themselves, challenge the impossible and immortalize their achievements, showing humanity the boundless realm of possibilities that life has to offer, if we can dare to dream and follow our dreams.

Great heroes exist everywhere. Throughout history, thousands of famous heroes can be named. Great war heroes like Napoleon; political figures like Nelson Mandela; human rights campaigners like Martin Luther King; spiritual figures like Mother Teresa; the great musical composers, artists and sportsmen in every sport imaginable, who reach a level of perfection or expertise beyond the general masses.

Amongst us also exist unsung heroes. You read about them in the newspaper, you meet them out in the world, you live with them or perhaps you even are one of them!
The most precious gift that a hero gives us is inspiration. In their actions or in their words, a hero is someone who inspires us to go forward. We see their strength and feel stronger, we observe their capacities and find more capacity within ourselves, and we see their struggles and find our own problems to be not so insurmountable.

To become a hero one has to face challenges. Challenges in life are actually opportunities for us to develop heroic qualities ourselves. If we never give up we will eventually succeed. Spiritual teacher and inspirational writer Sri Chinmoy speaks of the divine hero, saying:

"One has to face the world and not retire into the Himalayan caves. We have to act like divine heroes here amidst humanity."

The qualities that it takes to become a hero are actually divine or inner qualities. Courage, determination, oneness with humanity, humility, faith in oneself or God and a vision for a higher ideal than we are presently living in.

We can, therefore, all become true heroes. Brave the buffets of life. Follow your dreams in whatever field inspires you. Never give up! As Sri Chinmoy writes:

"Be brave!

Embrace new challenges.

Your victory will be manifested

In your self-discovery."


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