Friday, April 06, 2007

Christian Marriage Book - How to last Stronger, Longer, and Harder

A Christian Marriage book tends to focus only on matters of relationship mannerisms, proper Christian handling of marital arguments, how to juggle church and kids and jobs, and so forth and so on. What they neglect to mention is the real nuts and bolts (no pun intended, please say a small prayer if you assumed different) of marital Christian sex and how to enhance that sex in order to enhance one's relationship with God.

The Christian marriage book I propose will thrust forward in these very important areas. Diving deep and hard right into the specifics and pitfalls that Christian couples can, and often do, face.

A particular unsung area is that of sexual performance in a Christian marriage. One has to remember that there are many males who have chosen not to sin and remain sex free until marriage. The problem that many a Christian marriage book neglect to talk about is premature ejaculation issues that exist with the male. It is completely natural and normal that a male with little to no sexual experience will enter a Christian marriage and be unable to sustain themselves in order to provide pleasure to their wife. And remember providing for your wife is also providing for God. It is in the celebration of Christian sex that the union of both partners, and God, are in fact celebrated. But many Christian wives remain unsatisfied and don't receive the pleasure they should, due to male issues of premature ejaculation. My Christian marriage book would cover this issue as it is so incredibly common within Christian marriage.

Furthermore, my Christian marriage book would show the male specific ways to cure the problem of premature ejaculation. First I would give the Christian male hope that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel. Second I would outline the various ways in which to last stronger, harder, and longer.

My Christian marriage book would inform the male that there are indeed natural exercises that can be performed and practiced in order to achieve long, strong, and hard erectile ability. This along with compassion from your wife, and prayer, can make sex in Christian marriage an incredible Christian life affirming experience.

Settle for no less than a Christian marriage book which covers these sometimes awkward yet very important issues in Christian marriage.


When's the book coming out? The topics you touch on are important ones to deal with. Too often, they are left unspoken as if Christian men don't deal with them. I think it's healthier to bring the issues to light so that we can find good ways to deal with them.
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