Friday, April 13, 2007

Lucid Dreaming

Being aware that you are dreaming while asleep is often triggered by noticing something unlikely such as flying or perhaps visiting with a deceased loved one. The awareness of the dream occurrence while asleep is termed lucid dreaming. The quality of lucidity is determined by the depth of mental control you have of the dream while asleep. The more you experience lucid dreaming, the more you can deliberately direct the course of the dream experience.

A strong attraction to perfecting control during lucid dreaming is being able to fulfill fantasies or surreal adventures. Many people prefer to participate in their own created movie than to watch a movie on a television set. Regrettably, these self fulfilled fantasies and adventures often become a theme for night terrors causing the dreamer to awaken.

The metaphysical attraction to lucid dreaming is the ease of lucid imagery effects for healing the body, problem solving, spiritual growth, and manifesting outcomes of our fully conscious desires.

The world in which we live our individual lives has been constructed through our thoughts and how we view it. Lucid dreaming demonstrates the dynamics of our creations in the physical world as well as the ability to continually change the environment or outcome we seek.

Most of us have had a spontaneous lucid dream at some point in our lives, the experience is unforgettably exhilarating. Without good dream recall, it is a probability that you have simply don't remember your lucid dream.

One of the best known procedures for improving dream recall is by writing down everything that you do remember immediately after waking from the dream, and keeping the information in a dream journal. Waiting until morning increases the chances of forgetting.

Studying dreams help familiarize the conscious mind to symbolic and precognitive associations to future events from our sub-conscious. It also serves as an aid to study underlying issues that may be blocking our progress in various areas of life.

Many of the new age texts and articles on the market today, provide a tangible picture of the lucid dreaming process though various 'manifesting' techniques. These techniques often suggest meditation and visualization as a means of projecting 'intention'. A lucid dream nap in the middle of the afternoon is a strong method of inducing rapid desire manifestation. Directing mental intention prior to the lucid dream period has astounding influence upon the dream.

The speed with which controlled lucid dreaming develops depends upon personal factors such as how well do you recall your dreams and how often is controlled lucid dreaming is practiced.

"I will sleep on it" and decide tomorrow" is a descriptive statement that we have often stated to ourselves when faced with a major decision or life situation that requires contemplation. Thus, the inner workings of our mind allow dreamers to thoughtfully and accurately interpret their life situations through their dream imagery.

Learning anything new and becoming proficient at it, takes motivation and practice. Lucid dreaming is a skill that you can develop. Experimenting and creating your own personal induction techniques in reaching the lucid dream states is vital to becoming proficient.

Raising our vibrational frequency is also associated with lucid dream experiences. Exalted and ecstatic states of union with the Divine have been recorded and reported through dream records. They are usually followed by profound life changes. Seeking your personal life purpose or reviewing past life circumstances can be an exhilarated experience, leaving us full of energy, vigor, and a deeper interest in the life we are living.

The application of spiritual exploration through lucid dreaming can be illuminating illustrations of expanded awareness of our total being and connectedness to one and other and to all there is.

The benefits and healing potential through lucid dream imagery are unlimited in soothing pain, rapid recovery from injury, working through grief, gaining greater self confidence. The list goes on and on and is only limited through your own self induced limitations.

Developing Lucid dreaming skills is a vivid endeavor to picture your life the way you want it to be and your affairs the way you want them to go. An earnest attempt to change your life is recognizing that your own mind is a projection of your true spirit, and will prove to you that the best there is in life, is yours, to create.

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