Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Mathematical Model For Karma

There is a general belief that every moment is predefined simultaneously it is also believed that you should do good karma to have good life. I think there is a contradiction in this. Can actions change destiny. If my present actions are defined by my past karma then how can I change my future karma.

Sometimes I think that once I get caught in the wrong loop I am bound to remain in that loop.You cannot have a different script of a movie for evening and matinée shows, but that may not be the truth. I think the situation and circumstances which we land into is a function of our karmas, whereas our response is in our control and will decide our future karmas.Therefore an event is a function of two things E=f(K,A). where "K" is karma the situation you are in and is dependent on past actions and records and "A" is determined by present response which can be controlled.

The teachings of all religion, gurus, saints, modern psychology etc all endorse implicitly or explicitly the above principle. They tell us focus on "A" ie present moment which is the universal mantra . The result of "A" that is your present action will again depend on the impressions which you have gathered ie samsakaras some part of which is again genetic ie function of" K " and other part may be acquired or function of "A". So we see the events of life is an interwoven matrix between past karmas and present action. A day will come when spirituality and science will definitely converge and a mathematical model of spiritual teachings can be presented. I do not know whether the spirituality needs science more to become more strong or is it other way round.

A scientist looks and craves for knowledge which leads to wisdom and finally his enlightenment, on the other hand in spiritualism you look for wisdom and enlightenment first which ultimately leads you to knowledge.The basis of science is proof whereas the basis of spiritualism is faith. In fact in science also you start with faith only without which you cannot build a theory. Every great scientific theory /model starts with a hypothesis, but what is hypothesis? In fact it is faith/ intuition.

The gradual building up of various atomic models, from Rutherfords to electron clouds, the ring structure of benzene ring etc were intutions with faith. The scientist should be the first person to believe in God. By the way why do we have this wrong notion that scientists dont believe in God, this is a wrong myth which is being propagated. A scientist is synonymus with logic, after studying the structure of human brain, universe, atomic structure, genetic engineering etc how can a logical person ignore that there is no creator who owns these creations.

A scientist if he believes that there is no creator of these scientific things then is the most unscientific person and illogical. Coming to spiritualistic side of it a person can never call himself a perfect and staunch atheist because an atheist is a person who dose not believe in the existence of God, but by doing so at least he believes in the non existence of God and therefore he cannot be an atheist because by definition atheist is a non believer. The minimum what we can do is believe in our existence and in creations outside us, the moment we do that we are not an atheist and we have accepted our creator.

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This is bad . u have stolen my article. at least u should have contributed something to call it urs
Your interpretation is incorrect.

We are constantly evolving, until we realize our true self which is God, and our evolution path is determined based on our specific needs. Our specific needs are evaluated based on our current state of Evolution and the new Karma that we participate in.

The process of evolution is continous, and spans over multiple birth cycles.

At any given time, we can apply our free will (i.e. our mind) to alter the result of the Karma.
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