Sunday, April 08, 2007

Me to We - A Concept Whose Time Has Come and Gone

The phrase "Me to We" brings out thoughts of altruism and giving. It makes us think that there are others out there we need to be thinking about too. It also speaks to the materialistic world around us and helps us imagine a life with larger horizons. There is actually an organization out there called "Me to We" in Canada, they help the children of the World.

Helping the Children of the World is by far one of the greatest philanthropic things you can do, there can be no doubt about that. But, let me explain the flip side of this concept. There is a horrific hideous side to the slogan "Me to We" let me explain.

When I first came to their website, wow, I was impressed at all the wonderful things they are doing out there. I like it all and the "Me to We" is a catchy slogan. But then I began thinking of all the human rights abuses that have resulted from communism and how runaway socialism moves a society towards communism, I was horrified.

Indeed, I then considered how they might make a revision of the "Me to We" motif. You see, instead of "Me to We" it should be "Add We to Me" especially if they want donations and volunteers from a capitalist nation. If on the other hand the non-profit group was trying help out in a communist country all the children who were born into such a human rights disaster then they might use the slogan "Add Me to We" to help cross the gap.

Why you ask should an organization that helps kids change its slogan? Well perhaps if you read "Built to Last" By Collins, which discusses Mission Statements for organizations and businesses you will see that Me and We is not an either/or situation. It should be both and all inclusive. If someone is all about Me, Me, Me then they fail to see the WE or all of us out here. If everyone is WE, WE, WE they will too easily take away the ME inside of the individual. In that case all the ME is sacrificed for the betterment of the whole. This causes severe civil rights violation, as the WE society takes away from the whole.

"Sometimes what is good for the one is good for the many" Spock [Star Track]

Although this coincides with Ayn Rand too and many other studies of human societies, governments and civilizations. What strengthens the individual strengths the whole. When all the whole is filled with individuals then the efficiency is squared. I certainly believe in helping the children of the World, but cannot support any organization which believes that taking away individual rights to help the individual is the way to do it, that is hypocrisy.

I therefore ask you to not support "The Me to We Organization" as there are better ways to help children than surrendering the individual to the Borg. I hope you have enjoyed this intellectual comment and will think it through, before surrendering self.

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