Monday, April 02, 2007

Passover Gifts-Rachel's Red String Of Protection

You wake up in the morning and look on your left wrist, now what do you notice? You notice that you had kept on the "Rachel's red string of protection" on your wrist. So you say to yourself "this must have been why I had such a good dream last night".

You get up from bed and go about your day and wondrously, you have such a great day. A couple of employees became a little angry with you and may have cursed at you, but for some reason, you feel totally at peace in your soul. It is the red string you are wearing?

In a number of Jewish traditions, a red string which has been woven around the tomb of the ancient Hebrew matriarch Rachel has mystical powers which can protect the wearer from all evil looks and forces.

Who is Rachel? Rachel is a historical matriarchal figure who was the wife of Jacob( as written in the Bible and Torah scriptures). For many years , she was barren and without child until she is blessed with two children by God.

The figure of Rachel is a symbol of protection and shelter, this is one of the most popular reasons why she is linked to such wondrous protective power.

In Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) , Rachel represents this world in which we live and she is seen as a figure who seeks to protect and secure all of the world's people against evil.

Many stores and websites sell these red strings that they claim to have actually been wound around the tomb of Rachel while special chants and psalms are being read. These incantations are meant to bestow special mystical powers upon the red string.

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