Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Resurgence of Mind Power Into the 21st Century

We are living in an exciting age in human history. A time when the mystic secrets of the ages are becoming de-mystified. Ancient practices like meditation and yoga are being proved to be effective tools for self-development, by scientists and doctors alike. We can switch on the television today and learn about things which were earlier considered taboo. Even the Kabbalah has gained media coverage through Madonna!

Our creativity is breaking our preconceived limits too. Have you ever noticed how much our technology has progressed in the last 50 years or so? We have finally invented an automobile which gives out pure water instead of smoke! A personal computer has more power than what IBM invented 30 years ago! Also consider the invention of the information super-highway. Never before have two humans from opposite sides of the globe, been able to communicate with each other through electricity, for so 'cheap'.

We see books on creating our desired realities on the bestseller lists. Movies like 'What the Bleep do we Know' and 'The Secret' are successful. It is said that "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear". This cannot be truer for humanity as a whole. For centuries, this kind of knowledge has been in the custody of only a small percentage of individuals. But now, especially with the advent of the internet, this information is spreading faster and faster throughout the globe.

Look around you, something special is happening. This article is a part of this shift. It has prompted me to write this, and you to find it!


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