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Rewards in Heaven - A Message by Mary Magdalene in 2007

My Name is Mary Magdalene, Jesus' friend on earth and a contributor of money to his ministry on earth. Today I have a message for everyone who wants to read it.

Very few people come to heaven and write accounts of it. Very few people live in heaven for 2000 years and have the experience of living in heaven write something to the world. Today Dormias is typing my words but I am the writer sitting to him giving him dictation. Do you think that is possible? Wasn't it my good friend Jesus said. " with man this may be impossible but with God all things are possible." I am a vision on earth sitting next to Dormias and telling him a story, so before you judge me or him, have a listen to what I have to say for a few pages.

I am not sure about you, but did you ever consider a life of one perfect day after another would get boring and frustrating? Have you ever tried to consider how you would cope if pain and hurt was removed from your life? What about struggles and failures and missing the mark? What would life be like with no tears, no failure, no grind of day to day working for an existence, no stress, no anxiety,and no fear? Could you live in that world? How would you cope?

Dormias wondered this as a human until he asked Jesus more about heaven. The concept he had heard in sermons kind of sounded boring and frustrating and he couldn't live with what people were saying about heaven so he had to ask Jesus for more information. Before he knew he was an angel born onto earth to live as a human for forty years before he knew he had this former life in heaven, the concept of heaven he had heard preached just didn't turn him on.

Fortunately since eight years of age he had a good line to Jesus and could ask questions. And when the time came for this question my beloved Jesus started to give him images and thoughts about heaven and what it was really like.

Today much of this is new to him; today I am going to paint you a picture.

Heaven is not full of people standing in the throne room singing to God each day.

Heaven is not a place where no sadness exists

Heaven is a place where people there can cry tears of sadness and tears of joy and ecstasy.

Heaven is not a place where people float on clouds and shoot arrows at each other or whatever that image humans have of it.

Heaven is very competitive. Let me tell you about a guy I know in heaven. A guy that most of you readers would know if I said his name, yet few Christians would accept that he is here if I said his name, so for the sake of unbelief and lack of theology and the heart of God in Christians and their doctrines I will not say his name.

There was this major world rock star that ended up here a number of years ago. He arrived and fell in love with the place. He saw the birds had brighter colours, that the grass was alive and sprang back when you stepped on it. He walked the roads and paths of heaven and took in the music and the love of the people and his mind was blown away. Never had he ever conceived heaven was like this and in his life he had not done much thinking of heaven.

A major rock star on earth, both a singer and a musician it wasn't very long before he was getting a bit bored. He loved the music but for quite a while he hadn't had any guitar in his hands and though he sang to the songs, he was a creative person and yearned to create. Jesus noticed this urge in him one day and sent an angel to escort him to a session where angels and humans were laying down some live tracks as a new song in the recording studios.

When he entered this place he knew what was going on but the technology blew his socks off. The microphone was responsive and knew the song you are to play and knew your mind and the way you wanted it sang. It wasn't on for the intake of breath, there were no technicians to hook it in, and there were no wires. It just was there as a prop for you to sing into until a musician was comfortable just to sing then it was taken away and the room itself did the job of capturing the audio.

He watched musicians play and singers sing and wept at the sound and the quality of the playbacks. There was no mixing desk, there was no one with a desk with all the inputs making the music come together, the room did it.

There were no amplifiers in the room hooked up to the guitars, the room just played the music that was being strummed on the instruments and an unseen mixer was mixing it all together.

The whole room could hear the sound and each musician was so happy and so relaxed. There was no stress or pressure in the room but lots of love and sometimes they would stop playing and simply worship the Lord in the middle and then continue and do another take. Gone was the usual stress and pressure of big budgets and time as time in this place was eternity and you could do ten thousand takes if you liked, all they were doing were doing praise and worship and experimenting and playing different variations and having a laugh.

He was pumped. An angel after about six hours showed him the sheet music of his rhythm guitar piece of the performance and gestured him to sit down and the angel left the room and didn't come back for what seemed like hours.

He had such fun and was so soaked with God's anointing and peaceful presence the feeling left him higher and more at peace then any of the known drugs on earth had ever made him feel in his entire life. Not only was he playing the best free flowing music to God he had ever played, but he was higher than he had ever been before in the process.

This musician found himself asking if he could get someone to play the guitar and he could have a go at singing the lead. As soon as he asked the angel entered the room a second later, smiled and picked up the guitar as though he's just been off having a meal out with mates and a long coffee and chat.

As there has to be no sleep in heaven he just spent two days in there and walked around and played the three guitars, lead, base and rhythm, sang the lead vocals and had goes at singing the backing vocals.

Then it came to time when the whole team left the studio and went to a yacht and sailed for two days listening and trying to vote on the best takes of the track. They voted all for the best three and then were told those three would be kept.

He was ecstatic and asked when would he hear the music played over the airwaves in heaven, and it was then that he got the biggest shock of his life, both in heaven so far and the life on earth.

"Oh only the very best tracks are played in heaven over the airwaves. Sometimes it might take your fifty attempts or a hundred for you to have one selected depending how good you are and how good your band and singers work together. These are the best three. These will be yours to play and listen to and share with your friends up here, and over time you'll grow closer and closer to Jesus and you'll play and sing better for him."

A stab of sadness impressed his heart and grew into hurt. Every song he recorded on earth was heard by millions of people and yet here in heaven his very best for two days might not even make it.

"It's okay my friend," the angel who gave up his guitar for him to play at first said. "We spent quite a while coming up with these lyrics and quite a while writing the music. In a year or so we will come back to this piece with you and we'll play again. Only the tracts with you are in the best three and this was our vote for your future. One day with enough practice and a closer walk with God we might get this one accepted. I wrote the rhythm part myself and I have been doing that for 4000 years. Our worship leader here wrote the lyrics and she has been here in heaven four hundred years praising the Lord and so these are good lyrics. But this is your first song my friend and you have to play with as much love and devotion to the Lord or sing with that passion to be as good as us, and so its going to take some real good and honest practice."

"Here's a recording of our bands last recording that plays in the courts of heaven. It has brought you to tears a number of times up here and taught you a lot about serving the King of Kings. It was written while you were living on earth and it was dedicated to you and your future up here. Now you are the newest member of our band and we will be doing all of our music with you"

He pressed the button and the song came on and once again the rock icon of the modern world was crying tears of happiness. This song was written for him and with him in mind. It blew his mind.

As he sipped a red wine with crackers and cheese, he mused to himself. "I wonder how many years before a song I contributed to makes it on the audio and I wonder if I could write one for my mother. She would love this place.

My people, this is Mary back. There are rewards in heaven. In heaven you will be doing what you always wanted to do on earth if you were given a chance and you will be doing it for the glory of God and the betterment of the faith of every person here.

That was over 20 years ago that story. Three songs have been recorded and played in heaven that he wrote the music for and played the music. He is excited as the last two have been in the last five years. It took ten years to reach the standard of heaven. It's like studying to be a doctor on earth, he had to learn and do a whole new sort of learning. He had to learn about playing in the Spirit. He had to learn to be less perfect and more trusting in his intuition and the Holy Spirit to lead him.

Oh he sails on yachts, he has spent time with me a few times, he likes to read and loves to hear teachings by some of the best teachers of the Bible up here.

Yes and he is inspired all day long as the praise and worship and other types of songs are piped in heaven, the very best songs in heaven by the very best musicians. He still plays guitar and sings, but he has taken an interest in the harp, one of heavens most anointed instruments and is learning to play really well.

Oh people, life in heaven isn't for all the Christians only. It's for you too. Check Jesus out in the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and ask yourself wouldn't you like to compete and have fun in place like heaven under his perfect judgment and mercy?

No money isn't a reward up hereā€¦living the life of your wildest dreams is!

Check out more what Dormias Angelic says on and bookmark his homepage there. I will be helping him remember the heaven he used to live in and he will be bringing some Holy Spirit inspired teaching each week.

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