Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Trust Intuition

Intuition is immediate and instinctive perception of a truth; or direct understanding without reasoning. Whether we want it to or not, it does take a place in our decision making process. Many times intuition is considered in hind sight, after we reap different results than anticipated. This article is a result of my intuition in an effort to help others learn to identify and trust in their own.

Trusting my intuition has never been in the forefront of the decision making process. In fact, it has never really included at all. It certainly should have been. On three recent and separate occasions decisions were necessary that would have a significant affect on my future. They did, and the affect was opposite as anticipated yet not unknown.

In hindsight it is clear that the voice inside me was incorrectly identified to be fear. The decisions revolved around getting out of my comfort zone. After each decision was made, the voice instructed otherwise. Sometimes it would say no, absolutely not, other times it would say this is not the time. Concluding that it was fear I ignored it and forward anyway.

The results of these decisions were significantly different than desired. They were not surprising though. When I thought back, I realized I had known in advance. This was the third time in a week that intuition clearly played a role. It is time to realize that although it can be fear, the majority of time it is intuition guiding us.

Listening to intuition is difficult because it is hard to believe, especially when getting out of your comfort zone is already creating anxiety and fear. It presents itself at unexpected times, not always immediately. For instance, Thursday after finishing a short paragraph teaching me how to handle a certain situation my intuition voiced agreement that I should follow the suggestion. The suggestion was to hold until more experience in this arena was gained.

A task was planned for Friday that involved this particular topic. Of course, I moved forward with the logical decision to do the task and by Friday afternoon, finally listened to my intuition. Of course, it took a really bad experience before wising up. They say the third time is the charm and this was it.

I began to think over when intuition presented itself in my mind. It arrived in many different forms such as songs, conversations, dreams, and journaling. There are probably many other ways not yet known to me. Now that am finally listening I have learned to let the decision rest and allow intuition a chance to come forth.

In today's fast paced world everything seems to be required yesterday; letting an important decision rest is opposite what is usually done and expected. The waiting can increase anxiety further, especially for life changing decisions. Somehow that is never really a problem, it always works out.

Allowing intuition a more involved role in decision making has resulted in better and much simpler ways of accomplishing things. When make a choice, let it rest for a bit and give your intuition time to come forth. You will be amazed at how it will help you.

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